Bridging the gap between knowledge and business performance

In partnership with Time to Know, Analytics now offers corporate training technology for large corporations in Palestine, and ultimately, the entire MENA region. 

Time to Know learning platform reshapes the way your organization delivers training to achieve better business results.

We believe that effective learning is achieved by providing the learner with engaging content, supportive and collaborative networking, while offering actionable insights in real time.

Our tools are purpose-designed for fast and easy use, allowing you to develop and upload rich content – resulting in significantly improved focus, performance and business results.


Keep users engaged by delivering interactive and impactful learning in bite-sized chunks. Micro-learning contributes to easy comprehension and an overall great learning experience 

Assess and Supervise in Real-Time

Get insight into your class progress and comprehension levels through our interactive assessment tools and user-friendly reports

Mobile-Ready for Distance or On-The-Go Learning

Accessible from any mobile device with full offline functionality - learners can join your courses from anywhere, anytime and on any device... and enjoy self-paced and independent learning

Rapid Course Builder

Create engaging and interactive courses with ease and speed. Distribute content to your sales team in a manner of minutes with interactive video, embedded VR, gamification and more

Interactive Content

Make your courses easy to remember and add interaction to any content (PPT, PDF, Excel, Word and video files). With our interactive courses, you can engage users in real-time discussions and debates 

Adaptive & Blended Learning

Combine innovative technology with traditional in-class learning methods to deliver customized knowledge according to each person’s specific needs

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